Mid Express for Thanksgiving or Winter break

The NYC Naval Academy Parents Club Mid Express will be available for travel from USNA to NY Penn Station (8th Avenue and West 33rd Street) for a round trip during Thanksgiving Leave and to return to USNA at the end of Winter Break. Check out their website to learn more or reserve a spot for your mid!


Welcome to the Naval Academy Parent Club of Connecticut


Incoming 2025 plebes at the Naval Academy Parent Club of CT Welcome Aboard gathering

The Naval Academy Parent Club of Connecticut (NAPCCT) provides opportunities for parents to share experiences and ask questions about life as a parent of a USNA Midshipman. We also host a number of activities supporting our CT midshipmen and their families.

If you are not already a member Join today!

Go Navy!

Tamath K. Rossi, President of USNA CT State Parents Association
mother of Benjamin J. Rossi
Class of 2022, Rugby team






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