About the Naval Academy Parents Club of CT (NAPCCT)

Our NAPCCT mission is to provide support for our Midshipmen, Parents and our Fleet Officers. As our funds are limited and represent 100% member dues, we require a minimum of 3 years paid membership to receive Firstie Benefits. One year membership qualifies for Plebe Dark Ages Packages.

The benefits below are for the 2017/2018 years and may change based on NAPCCT available finances.

  • Welcome Aboard Event with Packages for ALL Incoming Class Parents
  • PLEBES receive Dark Ages Packages or Debit Cards
  • NAPCCT State shaped Name Tags (You’ll see many parents at USNA with these from every state)
  • Commissioning Day Flags are flown over the U.S. Capitol; they are then sent to you with an official letter
  • First Salute Coins
  • Welcome Aboard Tribute
  • Social Events and B&G Meetings: The club may subsidize some events as finances allow.
  • As members you are welcome to serve, nominate and vote for the Board


All CT Parents and families who are not members of NAPCCT are welcome to join our social events for a small fee to help offset club costs.

If membership dues represent a hardship please contact the board.